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To: Salon & Spa Owner,

For many owners, 2012 was a challenging year.

Close to 100 success-minded salon owners traveled to experience a reinvention - of their lives and their businesses. They came to Rich Owner Secrets™.

And, by the end of TWO transformational days together, these owners walked away empowered and enlightened by what happened behind closed doors at this event.

Created by best-selling author and millionaire salon owner Dan Lok, Rich Owner Secrets™ was simply unlike anything ever experienced.

It was an opportunity to gain valuable insights from successful salon owners, while learning concrete business-building strategies.

Many of you weren’t able to attend Rich Owner Secrets™ LIVE, but now YOU can immerse yourself in ALL of the transformational content—all from the comfort of your own home.

Introducing Rich Owner Secrets™ Private Edition…

Rich Owner Secrets Private Edition

For the FIRST TIME EVER, you can add this collection of powerful business growth techniques, client attraction strategies, and profit-boosting ideas to your success library! You’re about to discover ALL you can get in this powerful program.

But First, Meet Your Mentor, Dan Lok…

Rich Owner Secrets Private Edition

Dan Lok was a college dropout working in a local supermarket as a grocery bagger for minimum wage when he set out to make something of himself.

A true immigrant success story – Dan came to Canada as a teenager with little knowledge of English and no contacts.

Through hard work, relentless determination, and guidance from his mentors, he became a self-made millionaire by the age of twenty-seven.

With all his street smarts and real life business experience, he was able to open a salon business and built it from scratch into a successful six-figure business in less than a year. Today, his salon is one of the most successful in Vancouver, Canada. He has survived a staff walkout, an outrageous tax increase – even a flood in his salon! Dan has survived virtually everything thrown at him as a salon owner.

Widely celebrated as the #1 business expert in the salon and spa industry, and as a rich salon owner, Dan’s personal mission is to help other salon and spa owners around the world increase their income while working significantly less.

Dan has pioneered the Rich Owner Movement, the concept of salon and spa owners living rich not only in money, but also in happiness and quality of life.

Dan strongly believes it makes no sense when you provide excellent services, work very hard, do your best and still have to struggle to make ends meet.

He believes salon owners that do a good job and provide value to their clients deserve to be rich.

Dan is taking the industry by storm with his 17 Rich Owner success secrets. He’s transforming salon owners across the world from “starving artists” into well-paid professionals.

Dan is an advocate of making your business work FOR YOU, instead of you working for it, so that you can experience more freedom, make more profits and have more fun.

Dan created Rich Owner Secrets™ to lead salon owners through their own reinvention at all levels via an exciting LIVE experience… giving them new ideas, tools, and strategies to propel their businesses and lives to new heights.

Rich Owner Secrets™ delivers an exclusive combination of insight, information, and business strategies that can be found nowhere else. In fact, Dan guarantees it.

Dan’s 17 Rich Owner Success Secrets Are
Your Pathway to “Living Rich”!

Rich Owner Secrets™ Private Edition is an elaborate take-home guide and you can easily implement the strategies from the program the very next day.

Dan normally gets paid thousands of dollars to reveal these secrets to his private clients and select salon owners. By special arrangement, you can now get his instant income cash-generation secrets for just a fraction of what his clients have paid.

Here are just 3 of Dan’s 17 Rich Owner Success Secrets…

Success Secret #4

How To Transform Your Existing Website Into A Client Magnet
That Will Effortlessly Fill Your Appointment Book Fast!

LeAnne Tibesar

Discover how easy it can be to have a website that brings in more clients, more
appointments and more money! Isn’t it time you got a website that gets your
phone ringing and your appointment book full?
Here is one of the many website makeovers Dan has done…

“The website has been great! We are #1 when Googled. We have gotten a big boost
from that. 36 NEW color clients in February!!!”

LeAnne Tibesar, Owner of Renaissance Salon & Spa

Success Secret #7

How to Get Your Employees to Do What You
Want Without Babysitting Them!

Halyna Ruduke

How to eliminate YOUR management headaches FOREVER with the one page document that will
change how you will deal with and manage YOUR Employees. And your employees will love it, too!

“Dan, your 1 page Management Made Easy Template works like magic. I can’t believe how well it works. Most importantly, I don’t have to say a word and get frustrated or just expect my staff to know. No more management headaches, I love it!”

Halyna Ruduke, Owner of Marquis Hair Styling

Success Secret #11

How To Create a Facebook Business Fan Page That Will
Attract Thousands of Potential Clients!

Brenda Moore

Dan will show you, how he got 7,640 fans to “like” his Sweet Nails Facebook Fan Page using his step-by-step proven social media system.

“I have to admit I am one of those ‘social media challenged’ people. I know how important it is to use Facebook and Twitter to promote my business. Once I heard Dan explain his step-by-step system on how to get ‘fans’ I had the confidence to take the social media leap. Now my Facebook Business fan page is set-up and I am getting new fans every day. I have found it be a great and easy way to communicate with my clients.”

Brenda Moore, Owner of Great Lengths Hair Studio


On this powerful program, you’ll discover:

Dan Lok

The information contained in this program is priceless.

It's the EXACT strategies Dan used to go from zero to six-figure net profit in less than 12 months, and DOUBLING that the year after.

For a LIMITED time, you can get the COMPLETE Rich Owner Secrets™ Private Edition, the recorded accountability training with Dan for only $997 $597.

Here’s What Salon Owners Like You Are Saying About Rich Owner Secrets™…

These are no-fluff sessions, chock-full of practical tips. In fact, those who attended the sessions LIVE at Rich Owner Secrets™ are STILL raving about how much they were able to implement from each session.

When You Order The Rich Owner Secrets™ Private Edition, You’ll Receive:

1. VIDEO DVDs of All Main Sessions

DVDs of Rich Owner Secrets main sessions are included. (You’ll also get to enjoy all the fun – it’s like you’re right there in the room with Dan and taking in the “a-has” and experiencing the positive energy.)

This 7-DVD set isn’t any boring “speaker standing behind the lectern” video. Dan invested in a 2-camera shoot and professional editing, so you see on screen exactly everything you’d see if you were there, including the PowerPoint slides. You can watch them on your home DVD player or on your computer.

2. AUDIO CDs of All Sessions

We know that many of you mostly have time to listen instead of watch (especially the busy salon owners out there). That’s why included in the Rich Owner Secrets™ Private Edition are over 10 hours worth of audio recordings of the sessions.

Rich Owner Secrets™ was professionally recorded in crystal-clear stereo. You can listen to the audios on your computer, or play from your home stereo, car, or any CD player.

3. TWO BONUS CDs: Prosperity Programming & Wealth Declarations

Listen as Dan guides you through Success & Wealth Declarations, which will leave you feeling empowered and ready to conquer whatever your day may bring.

Declarations are a very healthy and natural way to bring happiness in our lives. For you to get the most out of the program, it’s absolutely crucial for you to be in the right frame of mind.

In this breakthrough program, Dan will not only teach you what a Rich Owner thinks, he will program your mind to make those thoughts your own. You will effortlessly take on the mental beliefs, programs, and thoughts of Rich Owners simply by listening to this program.

4. Rich Owner Secrets Binder

Follow along with your Rich Owner Secrets videos and audios with this 3-ring BINDER, filled with PowerPoint Slides of main sessions. This is the first time we’re offering the PowerPoint slides from Rich Owner Secrets to the public — and you’ll find that having the main points and ideas highlighted and ready for note-taking will help you soak in the great information shared even more!

Dan Lok

Important: Dan’s Personal “Make-You-Happy” Guarantee!

“If you’re not 100% satisfied with my Rich Owner Secrets™ Private Edition, just contact my team to let us know, and return the material in resalable condition within 60 days of your purchase. We’ll give you a full refund; no reason necessary.

And that’s my promise! ”


Get Ready to Experience Rich Owner Secrets™ YOUR WAY

Rich Owner Secrets Private Edition


Team Salon Business Expert